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How to get started?

Let go of perfectionism

I've been designing photo books for the past 15 years and love doing so more and more with every single photo book which gets completed. The satisfaction of holding a finished keep sake in my hands is immense. It feels like to get the chance to close an open chapter in my mind or put events and experiences into their places in mind.

Seeing people going through their photo books over and over again, sharing their stories with one another and giving them the peace of mind of having their life stories or family yearbooks printed motivate me...

If you would like to start your own photo book, I would highly encourage you to do so. Your children will love them. A big hurdle for me, as a German perfectionist, was to let go of perfect! Just get started. And don't feel pressured but enjoy the process.

TIP: Experiment. Try different providers, sizes and material. And most importantly, start with a small project, like your last summer holiday or your favourite road trip. So you don't feel overwhelmed. Get a feel for things. That way you build up your confidence and up your skills for bigger stories, like a year book. Jot down ideas for topics for your first photo book.

My Experience: I started with photo books of my favourite and most memorable holidays. Later, when I moved to New Zealand, I gave my parents a photo book with 30 years of Jeannine, and since the children are born, they get a comprehensive photo book every two years with their stories and daily life moments. However, I have stopped this type of photo book now and only create one photo book for us as the whole family per year. Why? Because I do not think that the children will carry 10 photo books of their childhood with them by the time they move out.

There are many online photo book providers out there, which makes it easy for you to get started from the comfort of your sofa. I have worked with several, like Fotobuch.de (for sending photo books to the German grandparents), Blurb, Milkbooks, and Photobooknewzealand. There are others I would love to and will try. My choice usually depends on project size, quality, intuitive interface, shipping within or to New Zealand and price.

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