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Family Lifestyle Photographer

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Wanaka, New Zealand

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FAQ - Family Lifestyle

Q: What is your style?

I love to document. Most of all, storytelling photography (or lifestyle documentary) is about capturing authenticity - the moments, expressions, reactions, connections and details, which will tell us more about a person at that time than a simple portrait would. However, I will direct you at times in order to create beautiful portraits.

Q: What is your availability for sessions?

In order to give every client the most of my time and creativity, I only allow for a limited number of sessions a month. I understand that families are mostly available on the weekends and will schedule therefore. I recommend booking 4 weeks in advance. In holiday seasons, I recommend that you schedule as far in advance as possible.


Q: What is included in the session fee?

The session fee covers my time and talent, travel (within 30km of Wanaka included) and the digital collection of your photographs. Any products are available for purchase. Please get in touch for more information.

Q: How do I book a session?

Ideally, we meet beforehand, get to know each other and talk ideas. You then decide whether I am the right photographer for you. I require a signed contract and a $200 retainer in order to reserve your session date. The balance is due 7 days prior to your session.

Q: What about rescheduling?

We would like our children to feel at their best. If your child is not feeling right or sick, please get in touch and we will arange for one other day. I appreciate you keeping a sick child to yourself. Vice versa I would reschedule if I am sick in order to not pass anything on to your family.

Q: How can I prepare for a session?

After we met and discussed ideas, a session plan is set. This evolves around activities or daily routines and locations, meaningful to you. Your home does not need to be tidy and meticulous everywhere, but I may push away bits and pieces, which would otherwise only distract in the photo. Please wear whatever you and your family feel comfortable in. However, for some formal portraits, clothes with big logos would only be distracting.

Q: How many photos will you take?

Usually, between 100 and 200 photos, depending on the lengths of the session. By carefully selecting only the best, we will be left with about 50 to 75 photos. Each photo will be carefully edited and some also set in black and white.

Q: But I am only looking for a snapshot of my family. Are you the right photographer?

Probably not. My goal is to create a meaningful story for you and your family.

Q: Can I please just have the digital files?

After the photos have been curated and edited, you will be presented with only the best photos (50 to 75 photos). Those photographs are part of every collection.

Within four days of your session, an online gallery will be made available for you to enjoy, share and download your digital photographs. Depending on your aspirations, you will also be presented with an album design or another printed product you wish to have.

Q: What happens after the session?

Q: Will you publish our photographs?

I would love to select some photographs to use to promote my business. However, I will always ask for your permission first and I understand my family's wish for privacy. This is set out in the contract and we will talk about it before your session. Most of my client's whole family stories are not published. But if you wish to look at some comprehensive sample sessions, I am more than happy to share some with you on a personal communication basis.

Any questions unanswered? Get in touch.